Tuesday, August 31, 2010

For Fall.

Seeing as my name is Chloe, shouldn't I get free See By Chloe pieces? Just sayin.

Cannot wait.

I missed the NYC screenings of Vik Muniz's Waste Land, but I heard through the grape(movie)vine that it will be showing at Angelika Theater starting October 29th!
Check the Trailer. It's incredible how absolute trash can translate into beauty and ultimately survival. Stunning and Inspirational.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Old Superman, 2008.

One of my favorite contemporary Chinese artists...
Jiang Huan: Temperature of time
Opening Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Maripol: Little Red Riding Hood.

An archive of a time I wish I belonged to.
Pick it up on Artbook.

Support local artists.

Tired of Being Push Around (Borf, 2009)
This--among other amazing pieces by various artists--can be purchased on Paper Monster.

Posterboy+Tom Otterness in NYC. August 10th
As seen on Unurth. <----Check it.

Out soon.
As seen origionally on Wooster Collective.

I'll be here.

Dave Kinsey
Thursday, September 9th

Friday, August 27, 2010


Convergence is a huge art fair going on this weekend at the 69th Fighting Regiments Armory (68 Lexington Avenue at 25th Street) which hosted the original 1917 Armory show featuring Duchamp's The Fountain. This year it will feature an installation by my friend Lance Rautzhan. I'll be going Saturday evening to partake in the live music and free Sapporo.

How I feel right now.

"It's a propulsive stage in which energy exceeds control. It's about extremes -- the hysteria to distinguish oneself, to break the rules, to leap into the world an do impossible things."
-Sam Anderson (in NYMag Article "Is James Franco for real?", July 25 2010)


Above, Indonesia 3 (9x7), is my friend Ryan Metke's most recent pieces. His topographical paintings involve the asymmetry of iconic symbols and personal memories. They tell a story without piecing it together, making it impossible not to be captivated.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Hallucinogenic Toreador.

The Hallucinogenic Toreador (1970) has always been my favorite Salvador Dali painting. I've literally spent hours at a time staring at this and creating stories from its chaos. Though I haven't been posting much, I've had plenty of inspiration floating around my head which will hopefully translate to my oncoming FIT class (Interior Design:Presentation), some artfully restored furniture (classes at 3rd Ward?), and possibly a Hallucinogenic Back Tattoo...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fine art.

Gustavo Rizerio once told me that "tattooing is [his] wife but painting is [his] mistress," so it comes with no surprise that Gustavo's tattoos are executed with the touch of a fine artist. His pieces are always meticulously conceived, making the final product nothing but perfection. My personal favorite of his recent works (above) was inspired by Basquiat. See more here or stop by Invisible Ink (NYC) to get an appointment.

Up North.

A little trip to Newburyport and Boston Massachusetts

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Amalgamations: A Solo Show by Eddie Ochoa
Opening Friday August 27th 7-11pm
@ Pandemic Gallery (37 Broadway, Williamsburg)

Eddie's collages (above: The See-Through Horse) "combine and unite multiple entities into one form" which is in fact the definition of Amalgamation. Not only does he combine various media within each collage, but his imagery draws from various mystical, folklore, and religious traditions. I love the unique layering, texturing, and striking colors.

My Birthday in moments.

1) Rooftop lights, 5am 2) Fatty 'Cue Brunch

Thursday, August 5, 2010

instax mini50S.

I guess I need to move to Japan for this one?

Bare Light.

Simply beautiful lights designed by Brendan Ravenhill. Available at one of my favorite decor stores in Brooklyn, The Future Perfect.