Friday, April 30, 2010

Food and Craft Market.

Scott, Shepard, and Mushroom Tacos.

Yesterday. First stop of the night was the Scott Campbell opening at the OHWOW gallery in Soho. It took about ten minutes to make our way to the door, through the slender black sea of stylish hipsters, but it was well worth it. Mingling with the likes of Nate Lowman, and sipping on god-knows-what this red potion was, we found a collection of work that was intricately made, beautiful, and thought provoking...Three dimensional wall pieces of laser cut dollar bills. You could tell this was a tattoo artist, with a real grip on the art world. Hearts, skulls, breasts, and Grass: You can't go wrong...
After a glass of wine at Soho Park we decided to fuel up with La Esquina tacos. I had my favorites: Pescado a las Brasas (market fish) and Hongo y Epazote (mushroom)...

The weather lovely and our stomachs stuffed, we decided to take a walk towards the newly installed Shepard Fairey piece on Bowery and Houston. Don't forget his show TOMORROW May 1st: MAY DAY
And then we walked through the set of the new Smurf's movie...right. Never a dull moment.

New york, I love you.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blek Le Rat.

Blek Le Rat: Stencil Pioneer. These rats were done in 1981.
Banksy is a fan...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Can't resist a vignette.

Helen Somogyvari's Cape Town home is quirk at it's best. Beginning with a neutral canvas, Helen creates colorful vignettes of her family's treasures and memories. Fun and stylish yet minimal and livable. (Living Etc. Magazine. May 2010)

I'm Blue.

Beautiful, Rich and Monochromatic rooms from my new favorite Home Magazine, Living Etc.

Kelly Wearstler.

Kelly Wearstler is what I strive to be as an interior designer. She has created an inspired empire from the ground up, she's smart, witty and drop dead gorgeous. She describes her style as "classic modern with an unexpected element like color, texture, or juxtaposition." Her decor is always incredibly luxurious, over-the-top, and quirky. Although her sense of styling is not always my cup of tea, her design process is impeccable.
Check out her Introspective on 1stDibs, an online mecca for furniture and accessories.

Note: Great Profile In Style (4/27)


The Times of London named the most fashionable films ever made. I am going to have to agree with many of them...

1. West Side Story (1961)
2. Belle de Jour (1967)
3. The Big Sleep (1946)
4. Atonement (2007)
5. Bonnie and Clyde (1967)
6. Annie Hall (1977)
7. Factory Girl (2006)
8. Coco avant Chanel (2009)
9. Gone With the Wind (1939)
10. The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)
Among my favorites are West Side Story, Factory Girl, Bonnie and Clyde, and Pulp Fiction. Missing from this list though are High Society and Singing in the Rain. Others?

Scott Campbell.


If You Don't Belong, Don't Be Long
Opening Reception Thursday, April 29 6 - 8pm
Runs April 29 - May 30, 2010
@ OHWOW 109 Crosby Street (between Prince and Houston)
"Campbell has taken the blue collar grit and lore of tattoo culture and extracted a visual language and wit that are supremely refined and deliberate. His uncanny ability to tell a story with any medium, flesh or otherwise, will be on display for his upcoming exhibition, If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long, which will feature all new work." -OHWOW press release

Check out his Website

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Street Fair time is upon us NYC!!!

The Hester Street Fair is new to NYC and opening this weekend! A Carefully curated Brooklyn Flea feel. "The booths (about 60 in total) will be 1/3 vintage, 1/3 crafts, and 1/3 food. " -Refinery29
"It’s not where you take things from - It’s where you take them to."
-Jean-Luc Goddard

Upcoming show: Artless.

@ Sacred Gallery NYC
424 Broadway, Soho
Opening Reception: Thursday June 10, 7-11pm
Runs through June 28

Artless is a group exhibit produced by Lance Rautzhan featuring paintings and film by Lance and installation by Brian Balderston, 16mm film by Jay Blohm, drawings by Ed Harris and photography by Jackie Roman.
The Truth About Rockstars. Lance Rautzhan, 2010

Oh God (Sigh) I lost my mind. Lance Rautzhan, 2010

And check out Lance's Archives.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girl talk.


I found this duo's work on Design Sponge and had to re-post.
Love love love it all...casual, eclectic, collected.
Plus they work out of Brooklyn.

Graffiti legend Banksy's first movie, Exit Through the Gift Shop, is about a manic French "filmmaker" Thierry Guetta (Mr. Brainwash), who found himself randomly (and luckily) placed into the newly thriving world of underground street art. A filmmaker he is not and an artist he is not. But that didn't stop him from taking thousands of hours of vital footage, or putting together one of the largest and most lucrative solo graffiti shows to date. This movie is both hilarious and disturbing, making you question what art is, and how it attains it's value. Please check it out.

Monday, April 19, 2010

If you love street art...

"Street Art New York" Silent Auction Benefit for Free Arts NYC
"Street Art New York"
Silent Auction Benefit for Free Arts NYC
Saturday, April 24, 2010
@ Factory Fresh
Event Time: 7-11 pm
Auction Time: Promptly 7 pm to 9:30 pm EST

Shawn Barber.

Shawn Barber. Tattooed Portraits: Chronicle
Opening Reception Saturday April 24th, 6-9pm

This will be an interesting show to check out if you are into tattoos, portraits, or general creepiness. The image above is of Paul Booth, the famous tattoo artist who actually started some new ink on Gustavo yesterday. Paul's a cool dude.

Clare Grill.

Clare Grill: The Forest for the Trees
Reception is Wednesday April 21st 6-8pm
Open April 21-May 15th
@Sloan Fine Art (128 Rivington)
"...romantic, filmy images that evoke memories of beliefs and stories handed down, held dearly, or sadly lost through the years."
Also opening 4/21 is Kristen Schiele's "Elektra"

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fred Einaudi.

Creepy, beautiful, taboo. You'll look twice.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jerry Kearns.

Lowland Drifter, 2008
Lock and Load

Jerry Kearns had been painting satirical pop culture images since the 1980's. While attending Umass Amherst, I took his class, NYPOP, and spent some time in his studio watching his creative process: using appropriated Internet images, acrylic, and a very specific, flat paint application. I love how they look like collages, which reminds me a bit of Jeff Koons' Easy Fun-Ethereal paintings.

Gardar Eide Einarsson.

Gardar Eide Einarsson
Another Modern Moment Completed
Reception on Thursday April 22nd at 6:00PM
22 April through 22 May 2010
@ Team Gallery (83 Grand Street, Soho)

"In preparation for this exhibition, Einarsson selected a number of images from the public domain that were of cursory interest to him: a book cover, the design on a napkin, a chain link fence, a section of the confederate flag, a comic book panel. He then set about transforming each of these pictures into an artwork. The stolen image became the property of the artist through gesture, labor, rendering. This project, however, has a secondary layer of appropriation for, after making each painting, Einarsson then immediately created another using the same image with a slight modification made through re-cropping or resizing. The "genuine" as embodied in the first painting is denied or, at the very least, called into question by the second. The drips, for example, become pastiche. " -passage from press release

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Bushwick Brooklyn is where I reside. I've seen it transform the past three years from a rather dodgy outskirt to a borderline-trendy haven of art, music, and dining (note my archive post Bushwick Represent for art info.) Because I love this place, I'll be posting events, openings, and random Bushwick-ness.

So, in tune with Bushwick openings, comes Momo Sushi Shack via the owners of Bozu (in Williamsburg). Momo will open mid-May at 43 Bogart Street, which is a block down from the Morgan L stop, and around the corner from Roberta's.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Danilo does it again.

Remember Danilo Boer's incredible Getty Posters? (special news about that to come!) Well he's at it again, this time with 5 posters for Billboard Magazine. Danilo worked on these with art director Marcos Medeiros and illustrator Marcos Kotlhar, who also worked on Getty. For these images they play with CMYK to produce pop musicians made up of 4 different influences; the motto being "Music. See what it's made of." Take a look at the campaign before it goes to press. Amazing...

Amy Winehouse

(C= Sarah Vaughan, M=Marvin Gaye, Y=Billie Holiday, K=Sid Vicious)


(C=Bob Dylan, M=David Bowie, Y=Lou Reed, K=Mother Teresa)

Lady Gaga (C=Madonna, M=Queen, Y=David Bowie, K=Cyndi Lauper)

Marylin Manson

(C=Kiss, M=Ozzy, Y=The Cure, K=Cher)