Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hotel Inspiration.

While doing some decoration research and meandering the Soho streets with my friends, we stopped by the Crosby Street Hotel. Interior designer Kit Kemp created a truly unique design palette which reflects my own. Not only is it LEED certified (meaning that it is certifiably environmentally responsible/GREEN) but it is cozy and stylish. The art and furniture is eclectic (hearty natural woods, exquisitely painted armoires, oil paintings, silkscreens, photos, and plush fabrics) which creates a comfortable, less stuffy atmosphere than many upscale hotels. Also, like all Firmdale Hotels (and many boutique hotels alike), each room is individually decorated. I only wish I could have stayed for tea, or even better yet, a night in the Meadow Suite...

The Meadow Suite (photo taken from website: Crosby Street)

The Drawing Room (my photo)

Lobby Chair (my photo)


  1. 1. You should put that chair in your room.
    2. Let's stay there next time I visit.