Friday, January 29, 2010

Hope you didn't miss this.

Georgia O’Keeffe @ The Whitney: I had the pleasure of catching this show right before it ended-- I did so on a Friday, which means long lines but FREE or donation-based admission! Anyone who is familiar with Georgia probably associates her with the zoomed in, super-saturated, sexualized flower paintings of her mid-later years. What I loved about this show, though, was that it gives us a taste of what came before this, which was a plethora of Abstraction series. In the scope of Art History, these works were truly ground-breaking. It baffled me that these very contemporary-feeling works were created as early as 1915; the colors and the content so vibrant they look as though they were freshly painted...

Red and Orange Streak, 1919. Oil on Canvas. 27x23
(Note: I found out from a friend, Deborah Molinelli,who has been doing LOTS of research on Georgia, that the yellow arc represents the sound of calves crying for their mothers, because they were were separated from them at night.)
Untitled (Abstraction Portrait of Paul Strand), 1917.
Watercolor on paper.


  1. Gorgeous. How cool to see the earlier work.

  2. it was so cool. beautiful musings, clo. very well put.