Thursday, March 25, 2010

Home Design Show.

Eren Yorulmazer Interiors & Architecture

Mirrored furniture by Venfield, NYC

Mingo Design (Urban Landscapes)

Shimna, NYC


Furtherdesign (modern glass objects), NYC

Kevin Busta

Cheryl Extrom, Bean Bag ($30,000)


Himmel Light by Paul Loebach and Superordinate Antler Lamps by Jason Miller @ Roll & Hill

Boca do Lobo, Portugal

Boca do Lobo, Portugal

Rugs by Amy Helfand, Brooklyn

This show was definitely worth the visit, despite hiding from the beautiful sun to weave through hundreds of other people. For every good--which to me means innovative, fresh, usable, beautiful-- design though, there were probably five bad ones. Every time I turned the corner I had deja vu: either a cheap looking painted abstraction, glass art that had no flow or color theory, or some kind of overly stylized wooden piece. Aside from the pieces shown above, I especially enjoyed some of the designers who combined of steel and natural wood. I was drooling over a dark wood dining table that looked like it was literally sliced from a giant oak tree, meticulously cleaned and stained and then bisected by pieces of metal. Being around some truly unique designs was stimulating and inspirational, and being around terrible ones made me realize that I, myself, have something to offer.

Note: Am I surprised that the majority of the designs I loved were from either New York or Brooklyn? No, not really.

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