Friday, April 30, 2010

Scott, Shepard, and Mushroom Tacos.

Yesterday. First stop of the night was the Scott Campbell opening at the OHWOW gallery in Soho. It took about ten minutes to make our way to the door, through the slender black sea of stylish hipsters, but it was well worth it. Mingling with the likes of Nate Lowman, and sipping on god-knows-what this red potion was, we found a collection of work that was intricately made, beautiful, and thought provoking...Three dimensional wall pieces of laser cut dollar bills. You could tell this was a tattoo artist, with a real grip on the art world. Hearts, skulls, breasts, and Grass: You can't go wrong...
After a glass of wine at Soho Park we decided to fuel up with La Esquina tacos. I had my favorites: Pescado a las Brasas (market fish) and Hongo y Epazote (mushroom)...

The weather lovely and our stomachs stuffed, we decided to take a walk towards the newly installed Shepard Fairey piece on Bowery and Houston. Don't forget his show TOMORROW May 1st: MAY DAY
And then we walked through the set of the new Smurf's movie...right. Never a dull moment.

New york, I love you.

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