Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yes, my bags have bling.

The perfect bag in my mind is a cross-body vintage leather bag. I have several small ones for going out (perfect for dancing) and one larger (with more pockets) for work days. You can get vintage Mulberry, Coach, and Dooney and Bourke from most consignment shops for $5-10, and a bottle of leather clear for the same. I like to add a little bit of 'flair' to my bags as well. On the top bag (Dark Blue Coach) I stuck on an old bee pin with an onyx eye. The bottom bag was missing a zipper pull so I added an old skeleton key,which I have MANY of from the house I grew up in. Recently though, I purchased a dozen rabbits feet in various colors, and handed them out to friends. If you see this trend coming back, just remember you heard it here first ;)

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