Thursday, March 17, 2011

Always as good as it looks: The food of Mexico.

Mexico is a feast for the senses. Everywhere, from an exquisite church to a simple taco stand, there is an abundance of color and texture; great care is taken in the aesthetic and feel of everything. First of all, the food. Throughout the country we found the most spectacular tacos, tostadas, empenadas, tortas, nachos, fish, treats and more. Nearly everything was cheap (try 60 cent tacos) and prepared with only the freshest ingredients. On our 36 hour bus ride across the country we would stop at random roadside stands and rather than munching on a chain burger, we'd feast on chicken tomales with verde sauce, flan and a glass bottle of Coke.

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  1. Now I'm starving.
    It is lunch time.
    You should pitch these photos to a food magazine, friend.