Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jeremiah Goodman.

Apartment foyer of Baron Jay de Leval, Mexico City, 1978
Living Room of Elsa Schiaparelli, Paris, 2002
Diana Vreeland, Garden in Hell sitting room, New York, 2000
(images courtesy of Powerhouse <---check this place out!)

For my Presentation class, we are currently learning how to "properly" watercolor room elevations. With that said, I am a terrible watercolorer. I tend to lose control of the water, and then in turn, lose my patience. My professor told me to "light candles and put on some nice music." At first I laughed at this, but I'm beginning to think it's the only way...
I'm not sure if Jeremiah Goodman uses this tip from my professor, but his book, published originally in 2007,
"Jeremiah: A Romantic Vision," certainly grasps at the idea. A romantic vision it is. Jeremiah's interiors are stunning, multi-layered, sumptuous, almost dream-like versions of the truth. A girl can only hope.

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