Friday, September 10, 2010

Magical Feast for the eyes and belly.

(Dave Kinsey, The Scream)
Yesterday I went on a secret food adventure with my friend Clifford Endo...Our weapons of choice were a beautiful Olympus Pen Camera--seriously I've never had good things to say about an Olympus but, this is a gem--and a cherry red BMW....
Our first stop was Flushing, Queens --"The Real China Town" --where we found ourselves in the basement of a Shoping (yes one p!) Mall. In this crowded little haven we chowed down on a Cumin Lamb Burger ($2.50) and Stewed Pork with Hand-pulled Noodles ($5.00), both delicious, both from Xi'an Famous Foods. Then we sashayed to the stall just right of Xi'an for some incredible pork and veggie dumplings (12 for $3). We were even given a dumpling making demo, wide smile included. Out of the basement we go, to one of the most spectacular food stores I've seen (I think called Chung Fat) stocked full of everything from Dragon Fruit to Razor Clams. The freshest and cheapest it gets...
Next was to Manhattan's Parker Meridien, through the beautiful lobby (with it's $2 Million Damien Hirst hanging above concierge) to a hidden Burger Joint laden with thumb-tacked movie posters and handwritten menus. Order a Cheeseburger with "The Works", just do it...
Then finally, back to our home-base of Brooklyn, we headed to The Meat Hook for some handmade sausages. 5 hours, 3 Boroughs. Tastes=Satisfied.
In the evening came my eye's feast at the Joshua Linear Gallery. Dave Kinsey combines abstract expressionism with a uniquely graffiti touch, figure drawing, and collage to create visually stimulating, energetic paintings. My favorite (above) even ads a touch of humor with a old cigarette butt chilling on the paintings ledge.

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