Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can't help it.

When I was six years old my Grandma, who we call Mema, brought me a gift from Spain. Inside a delicately wrapped box was a beautiful silver-gray lace scarf from Madrid. Ten minutes after opening the package, I proudly sashayed out of my room with a new lace vest, wrap skirt, and handkerchiefs attached to my wrists with red hair ties. Horrified looks aside, I knew I was meant to be a designer. By the time I was old enough to push around some weight, I would rearrange not only my bedroom, but my entire house. I would put up, take down, fix, put together, paint anything that I could.

My life plan, starting at the same age as the scarf fiasco, was to move to Manhattan after college and do something artistic and exciting. That I did, except I moved to the more affordable and, luckily, more my-cup-of-tea borough of Brooklyn. It is here, after four years of art school/beer guzzling, where I began what they call "real life."

Aside from my day job as a modeling agent (flesh peddler), I have continuously flexed my creative muscles with things ranging from photography projects to dinner parties. I think it's imperative that we surround ourselves with beautiful things, colors, and textures that make us feel alive, safe, and happy. This blog will be a collection of my own work and projects; as well as inspirations and etceteras. Thus I begin my journey to help decorate your life.

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