Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Upper East Side Halloween. xoxo

The Challenge: To create a "cool" (think Gossip Girl) Halloween atmosphere for a too-trendy 14 year old, while also protecting the first level of a very nice UES brownstone. Add a small budget and 10 days to do it, and viola!

The Solution: Simple yet elegant: using handcrafted and found materials, with a focus on protecting the walls, artwork and textiles. In the kitchen I covered the cabinets and framed art with spider webbing and handsewn spiders (felt, pipe-cleaners, glitter, and beads). The recently upholstered cushions were taken out and replaced with foam-based cushions and pillows covered with taffeta and velour spiderweb fabric. On the table, intermingled between the snacks, were hand-built Tarantulas (wooden set found at Michaels) coated with Martha Stewart's Onyx black glitter. There was also, of course, a smoke machine (Key for make-out parties). In the dining room I covered the walls with 30 yards of midnight blue fabric; then on the giant table layed out more taffeta, and arranged gold glittered branches, felt birds, and mini pumpkins. To top off the David Lynch-esque table, I put red gels over the track lighting. Outside, I added more webs, spiders, and lots and lots of pumpkins.

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