Thursday, November 19, 2009

Learn to Read.

It's a little upsetting to me how many of my friends and associates do not read. It's also fairly embarrassing to admit that I was one of these people a little more than two years ago. I blame it on college... Since living in New York City and taking the Subway nearly everyday I have re-discovered my love for reading. Not only does the commute time fly by (and the annoyances stay at bay), but I've found that both my imagination and grammar have expanded. Inspiration does not have to come from things you see, touch, hear, or taste, but also from things that your mind can create from the plot, prose, and images written in the pages of a novel. I truly fell hard...amazed by the emotions that a single book can drag out of me.

Learn to Read (some of my favorite authors):
If you are into Humor: David Sedaris, Chelsea Handler
If you are into Pop Culture: Chuck Klosterman
If you are into Sex, Drugs, and Money: Bret Easton Ellis

If you are into Learning: Malcolm Gladwell, A. J. Jacobs
If you are into Crazy: Chuck Palahniuk
If you are into Classics: John Irving, John Steinbeck

For some help to find a book (Thank you


  1. check this out - but it's not entertaining, gives you food for thought

  2. Reading is my greatest source for inspiration. I mean, duh, I'm a writer not a designer, but it inspires me because it gets my imagination going--like reading in technicolor or something.